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Videography offers the ability to tell a much more detailed and moving story than a still photograph. But like a photograph it must contain a story and grab the viewer’s attention. All of my work starts with the defining of a solid marketing strategy often executed with a combination of steady cam video, timelapse photography, aerial photography as well as personal interviews/interaction. They all contribute to a finished product that will not go unnoticed. Previous clients have included Southport Marina, Figure Eight Island Realty and the Town of Carolina Beach. Call to discuss your project.


I regularly do commissioned work of any scene or location of particular interest to a client. This ranges from a waterway view from a back deck to an all inclusive shoot of a local vineyard or of a home and gardens often culminating in a hard bound coffee table book. My half day rate is $500 or priced on a project basis.


The marriage of unique marketing strategy with effective creative execution is my sweet spot. My career in the business world was built on this. I am currently consulting with clients statewide to develop or better refine their strategies and build creative that breaks through an increasingly cluttered environment. Quote from current client:

We asked Ned to help us completely “reimage” our company, a 67 year old global industrial equipment producer. His decades of experience at the senior management level together with his true passion for the work give him a very unique ability to conceive the best plan and execute it well. We wouldn’t be the same company without Ned’s work and creativity on our behalf, so he is now a permanent part of our team. Bill Morris,President, CEO Morris & Associates, Garner, NC


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